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The ‘Jam’ Jar

The problem with jam is that, while it tastes great on toast, it’s a hopeless medium for soldering. So the makers of The ‘Jam’ Jar had the revolutionary idea of removing all the jam from the jar before converting it into a miniature guitar amp.

The two-inch speaker built into the lid sounds pretty brutal, but plug this thing into a full-size cabinet and you’ll be amazed by its smooth and powerful overdriven sound. You can even clean it up (just about) by backing off on your guitar’s volume control.

We’d take one of these over the old Smokey fag-packet amp any day. Partly because it’s louder, but also because you don’t have to worry about what the makers did with the original contents. Bit of toast never harmed anyone, did it?



Total Guitar

Guitarists are always banging on about glassy tones, but the 'JAM' Jar delivers them quite literally, cramming a 2.5" speaker into an actual glass jar and turning it into a working guitar amp.


As well as putting out its own 1/4-watt output via the three-watt speaker, the 'JAM' Jar can drive any 8-16-ohm cab, including a 4x12, while its output can also be used to provide fuzz-tinged overdrive through a regular guitar amp.


The 'JAM' Jar features an input and output, and is powered by a nine-volt battery, changeable by unscrewing the jar lid. The Jar costs £25 and is available now; check out The 'JAM' Jar on Facebook for more info.

Customer Feedback 

"After my old practise Smokey Amp died I decided to upgrade to a Jam Jar Amp. Upon receipt, however, I didn't get any sound. This wasn't the Jam Jar, I knew it was working, the lights were on! I'm not a guitar play but wanted it for my harmonica mic. After communicating with the lovely people at The Jam Jar it was determined that I needed a preamp. Sounds like an easy fix. However, I use a wheelchair and didn't want more cables than I need to around the house. The solution offered by The Jam Jar? They would build me a new amp with a preamp. Absolutely incredible service! It's real, it's old school and something you simply don't get with big companies and many smaller ones too. Thank you just isn't enough.

Marco, UK."

The ‘Jam’ Jar  

Your feedback matters a lot to us good or bad, we are a small company located in Wales and all the amps are made by hand by me in a small workshop at our house. If there is anything you would like to see or anything made better please let us know by filling in the form bellow.













** your feedback may be used for promotional purposes 

Dear Amp Friend,


I bought one of your amps from a lovely lady and young man at the Merseyside Guitar Show last weekend. I don't do the Facebook thing and thought I would e-mail you instead. 


Your amp is stunning in terms of the tone it produces and also in terms of value for cash. 


I've been playing for about 5 years and despite being the late **** ****** cousin, my level of play could be described as average at best. I have spent reasonable amounts of money on guitars, pedals and amps searching for "my tone" but have never quite found it. To be honest in recent times I have lost interest and play only rarely. 


However your Amp has reinvigorated me. Can't stop playing it. Everybody should have one and I'm sure they will once the news gets out. Great job.


Had to share this with you. I look forward to any future products you produce. When you become a multimillionaire, remember the little guys. 


All the bests,



“What I love about the ‘JAM’ Jar Amp is the attention to detail, right down to the ‘ingredients label’, they’re just amazing.” – Ben Crowe

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