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The 'JAM' Jar


Wattage:  .25w (Original) 1.25w (Blueberry)

Speaker:  66mm 2.5" 8 ohm

Input:  1x 1/4" Jack

Output:  1x 1/4" Jack

Impedance:  4-16 ohm

Weight:  400g

Dimensions:  80x80x80mm

Power: 9V Battery (Not Included)


Key features

Hand wired :- All the jar's and specials are hand made on the Isle of Anglesey, North Wales. We are a small, family run businesss. All the Jars are hand drilled, hand wired and hand-labelled, making each one a little different (especially when your label is the 100th of the day!)   

Each Jar's output will power any external cabinet including a 4x12, but can also be plugged into the input of an amp and used as a overdrive/fuzz! **Warning this also makes your amp very loud but loud is good right ** 

The amp is a high gain amp housed in a jam jar and has a naturally overdriven sound at full volume, as you turn down the volume on your Instrument (which is essentially the volume for the amp) it will clean up the sound.


We also convert old, interesting items such as radio's, old box brownie cameras and simple boxes into amps - we've even added bluetooth to an old suitcase style radio to play an mp3 player through! If you'd like something a bit different please enquire to what we have in stock!

Please note 

The Blueberry will NOT work properly with just a piezo pick up it requires a preamp to stabilise the signal. 

The Original will as it has a built in preamp stage, but the Blueberry was only designed to work with wound pickups so to work with a piezo pickup it does require a preamp to work! 


 The JAM Jar Information


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