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Thanks for coming and visiting us.

We are a small guitar amp company based in North Wales run by the Adams family (not the Addams Family) 

Every Jam Jar is hand made by us - drilled, wired, labelling and packed!

There are four of us here at The 'JAM' Jar Amps


Mark (Gomez) 


My career started back in 1992 as an electronics engineer in a recording studio (fixing all the stuff musicians break).


I quickly found a passion for "the sound" and finding the sound you musicians are looking for.

This developed into delivering live sound for bands who recorded in the studio and eventually I started touring.


Whilst touring, a love affair for stringed instruments developed; particularly for guitars.


This sparked the next stage of my career as I started repairing, restoring and renovating guitars (although touring is still a big part of my life)


Many many years later, sitting at my work bench re-fretting a guitar while listening to music on my phone, to make it louder (over the hammering!) I put it into a drinking glass! That was the eureka! moment and the rest you may say is history -  The JAM Jar Amp was born.. 


Michelle (Morticia)

The glue to all things family and everything related to the JAR, mother to our two wonderful boys, the wife who keeps me grounded (well tries) and the one person I can rely on when I'm not here, Administrator, Chief Labeller, Dispatcher and Book Keeper.  


Jam Jar Apprentice No1  (a.k.a Cousin It -  its a hair thing)


Apprentice maker and Chief Seller at trade shows, though now a teenager so will disappear into the Pit of Doom (his bedroom) at any moment...

And finally Jam Jar Apprentice No2  (Pugsley)


At just 9 years old (at the time of writing) our youngest is our chief tester (well thinks he is) and sits with me and talks me to death when I'm making them.



When it gets manic and the orders are coming in, and I'm out on tour in two days but still have 100 jars to make, just looking at both of my boys, reminds why I'm doing this - hopefully, one day The Jam Jar will still be a thriving successful business that will be theirs!

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