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What Is the difference between an Original and a Blueberry?

The Original is .25w and is a high gain amp, however does clean up when you turn down your instrument.  


The Blueberry is 1.25w, it is louder and has a cleaner sound at high volume but really cleans up when you turn down your instrument. 


Do you ship to ............... Country?

We ship to most places, if you can't find your area please get in touch. All our parcels are shipped tracked and/or signed (where available) to protect both you and me against loss or damage -  this does raise the cost of shipping slightly. 


Does it work with bass?

Yes it works with bass, but it makes it very fuzzy and very punky!


What is the output for? 

The output will allow you to do a few things. Firstly, you can plug into any external speaker including a 4x12 cab - with a larger speaker you will get more tone, and volume. Secondly, with the original you can connect directly into an amps head and use the jam jar as a fuzz/distortion, this will make your amp LOUD but loud is good right? 

Will they work with any instrument?

The Original will as it has a built in preamp stage, but the Blueberry was only designed to work with wound pickups so to work with a piezo pickup it may require a preamp to work! 

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