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Build your own Guitar Amp ....... In A JAM JAR!


Ever wanted to build your own guitar amp? 


Here is everything you will need to build your own JAM Jar amp, Buy the guitarist in your life a Christmas present like no other! 


To save the planet the instructions are available on the Website..


​Wattage       1/4 watt 

Speaker       66mm 2.5" 8ohm

Input            1x 1/4" Jack

Output         1x 1/4" Jack 

Impedance  4-16 ohm

Weight         400g 

Dimentions 80x80x80mm

Power           9V


Each Jar's output will power any external cabinet including a 4x12, but can also be plugged into the input of an amp and used as a overdrive/fuzz!


The amp is a high gain amp housed in a Jam Jar and has a naturally overdriven sound at full volume, as you turn down the volume on your Instrument (which is essentially the volume for the amp) it will clean up the sound.


9V battery is not included.

The 'Original' JAM Jar DIY kit

  • The Jam Jar is made of Glass and can occasionally be damaged while in transit. If this happens, please take photos for evidence (so we can claim back costs from Royal Mail) and we'll get another in the post. Please recycle the broken Jam Jar.

    Please be sure to read the kit instructions before you order. The kits are enjoyable but can also be challenging.

    You will have to identify components, calculate resistor codes (but are given in the instructions) and be able to solder them into place. Be aware that you are responsble for your soldering. 

    Kits require full assembly and any images of completed PCBs are for reference only.

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