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817 (TS808) and Nob (Keeley Katana mk2)

The 817 uses a genuine JRC4558D dual op amp and is built to 808 specs. Want a TS9? Just need to swap two resistors. Want a TS10? Just need to add a resistor between one of the capacitors and the op amp (makes no difference to the sound).

It also has a clipping switch to toggle between standard (two 1N914 diodes, bottom position), more headroom (four 914’s, top position) and even more headroom ( 2 LED’s, middle position). There’s also a bass switch for standard (middle), more and even more bass.

The Nob is based on the mk2 Keeley Katana, with two matched J201 JFET transistors. The toggle boosts the second gain stage, adding a bit of grit and cutting some treble.

Bron-yr-Aur NOB

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