DC Power 

Kit Instructions

Step 1

Locate the DC Jack socket and the Ceramic Capacitor and solder in-between pins 1 and 3 and trim off the legs.

I have started to add an electrolytic capacitor in the power kits, these are to replace the ceramic capacitor with then - (negative) leg going to pin 3 and the other going to pin 1.

This will allow you to run the Blueberry at 12vDC it also helps eliminate more DC voltage hum.

Please note you can only run the Blueberry at 12vDC the Original will not like the voltage.. 




Step 2

Solder on the Red and Black wires

(You will need to strip and tin the ends of the wires)

Red to pin 1 

Black to pin 3

Step 3

Slide on the heat shrink and shrink with heat gun

Step 4

Now you can add to your amp circuit pin 2 is for the positive from the battery and the black wire goes to the negative wire from the battery on the board (two wires together) 

The amp shown is an Original but the connections are the same  

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